General questions:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mold making
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Logistics companies
  • The ClickScrew® is used everywhere where recurring loads play a role
  • From machine parts to injection molds - the ClickScrew® has limitless applications
  • ClickScrew® not only as a load attachment, but also as a temporary attachment - fast, thread-saving workflows
  • From planning to delivery - optimize your process now

In this case, please contact us either by E-Mail
or Telefon . We will also be happy to advise you online or directly on site through one of our partner dealers.

This is not a problem, basically all types and lengths of threads are feasible. Click here to go to the Inquiry form for custom made products.

Yes, then the ClickScrew® is designed as a bolt with a protruding shoulder / bead.

The Operating instructions are available for download on the website, the EC Declaration of Conformity is part of the operating instructions.

Technical questions:

For the small threads (M6-M16) at least 12, for the larger ones (up to M30) at least 7. Thus, we exceed the required standard for slings of 4 many times over.

No, this is not possible. There is a frictional connection and also a positive connection between the thread halves and the expander.

Definitely no, as the expander cannot be used to generate the force to damage the thread.

This case occurs when thread tip meets thread tip. Turn the thread of the ClickScrew® by 180° and the problem is solved. In rare cases the thread of the workpiece is too short, for this a special production with a shorter thread is required.

No, there is no approval for this field of application.

Manufacturing, testing and maintenance:

The entire development, manufacturing and assembly is "Made in Germany"!

Only the highest quality materials are used, such as high-strength aluminum, stainless steel, quenched and tempered steel and case-hardened steel.

The test can be performed by a qualified person and is described in the Operating instructions .

This means that anyone who has tested their eyebolts, swivels / slings and all lifting equipment in the lifting industry is also qualified to test the ClickScrew®.

No, the ClickScrew® is maintenance-free, but depending on the application, the ClickScrew® must be cleaned with spray cleaner / spray oil.

According to the standard, the ClickScrew® must function perfectly for at least 16,000 load cycles or one year. Our practical experience shows that discard maturity occurs significantly later.

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